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About Us

What makes Váltópont individual?

Social Approach

The philosophy of our company describes persons as a social being. Most achievment of our civilization is the result of this idea. We believe in such strategies and developments that are being built on personal conversations, connections and communities. 

Real Effect

We cooperate with customers, who are not only work in campaigns, but would like to cause real effects on the world. This process begins on a personal level with remodelling the individuals in private meetings. Our method is to find memes, self-generating viral ideas, that will be dropped in the key points and places of the society to indicate change. 

New Business Logic

Váltópont is running as a Social Entrepreneurship. That means our primary objective is not to make profit, but to develop the society. The competences of our team completely supports this goal while our customers are being treated as a member of our Social Innovation Network.



PR Agency Services

Social Communication

Social Innovation Hub

Communication Strategy
Communication Consulting
Press Relations
Creative Writing, Copywriting
Online Communication, Social Media Management
Event Organizing
Publication Management
Communication/Media Training
Media Planning and Purchasing
Crisis Communication
Recovering Communities
Meme Mapping
Background Researches
Stakeholder Analysis
Motivational Researches
Building up and Growing Tematical Communities
Organizing Boards
Creating Partnerships
Generating Subjects and Ideas
Growing and Incubating Ideas
Organizing Meetups
Community Caring